Würfelzucker auf einem Esslöffel

Isoglucose and sucrose (household sugar) can be assessed similarly in terms of the potential to damage health

Isoglucose is used in the food industry as a substance to sweeten processed foods. The BfR has been asked whether these sweeteners, which contain a high proportion of the free monosaccharide fructose, pose a particular risk to health as compared to other sweeteners such as sucrose.

MFDS-Koreanische Delegation

BfR MEAL Study: BfR intensifying cooperation with Republic of Korea

A delegation from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) visited the BfR. The objective was to exchange experiences on the conducting of total diet studies (TDS) and reach agreement on the areas in which the two countries can cooperate more closely.

Das Europalogo

Special committee on the EU procedure for approval of active substances in plant protection products: BfR statements can be accessed online

More openness and transparency in the assessment of active substances contained in plant protection products – that was the plea of BfR President, Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel, at the hearing before the special committee of the EU Parliament on the authorisation of plant protection products.

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