Biokinetics of nanomaterials: The role of biopersistence

Analytical tools that potentially can facilitate elucidation of key nanomaterials (NM) characteristics, such as ion beam microscopy (IBM) and time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS), are discussed in the article in relation to their potential to advance the understanding of biopersistent NM kinetics. The authors conclude that a major requirement for future nanosafety research is the development and application of analytical tools to characterize NPs in different exposure scenarios and biological matrices.

Biokinetics of nanomaterials: The role of biopersistence
Peter Laux, Christian Riebeling, Andy M. Booth, Joseph D. Brain, Josephine Brunner, Cristina Cerrillo, Otto Creutzenberg, Irina Estrela-Lopis, Thomas Gebel, Gunnar Johanson, HaraldJungnickel, Heiko Kock, Jutta Tentschert, Ahmed Tlili, Andreas Schäffer, Adriënne J.A.M. Sips, Robert A. Yokel, Andreas Luch

NanoImpact, Volume 6, April 2017, Pages 69-80

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