Post-natal checklist

On being discharged from hospital after the birth of a child, parents are often left to their own devices. They have to apply for a birth certificate to the local registrar office, register their baby with their health insurance fund and also deal with questions that may crop up about their baby’s health and development which they hadn’t thought about previously. For the period just after birth the National Breastfeeding Committee provides mothers with a checklist that has now been updated and given a new look. It provides answers to the most frequently asked questions, offers several helpful tips and lists important addresses and telephone numbers.

The new checklist contains useful information on breastfeeding, baby care and where to go for medical advice and support from a midwife. What’s more, new parents find out where to apply for maternity, child and family allowances. The checklist has been completely revamped. Clinics and birthing centres can distribute this handy-sized flyer to all parents to take home with them after the birth of their child.

Just like the information pamphlets on breastfeeding for pregnant and breastfeeding women of the BfR National Breastfeeding Committee, the flyer “Checkliste für die Zeit nach der Geburt” can be downloaded in german language from the website or copies ordered free-of-charge directly from BfR: Geschäftsstelle der Nationalen Stillkommission, Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, Thielallee 88-92, 14195 Berlin, E-Mail:, Fax: 030-8412 3715.

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