Analysis of the information flow in metabolism studies on pesticides

Within the framework of the "Framework Partnership Agreement No GP/EFSA/AMU/2020/02", BfR worked on the work package "Interoperability solutions" in the sub-project SA1 "Configuration of the IUCLID database for use of dossier evaluation of active substances in plant protection products by MS".

In this work package, the focus was on the current status analysis of the information flows on results from metabolism studies in the application procedures of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Based on these analyses, proposals for optimising the information flow are to be developed in cooperation with international stakeholders by the end of 2021.

BfR will document this process transparently and update this page continuously.

The following sub-reports have been prepared so far:

  1. results of the international survey (PDF file,5.35 MB)
  2. comparison of OHT58 'Basic toxicokinetics' and DER Composer (PDF file,717.98 KB)
  3. Invitation to comment the DRAFT report "Analysis of the information flow of pesticide related metabolism studies: Part Draft proposals for improvement" (PDF file,2.69 MB)
  4. Workshop Report on the MetaPath User Group Web-conferences held on 10.11.2021, 18.11.2021 and 01.12.2021 (PDF file,17.41 MB)

The partial reports with the respective appendices can be downloaded as a ZIP file.

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