BfR Committee for Biological Hazards*

The BfR Committee for Biological Hazards supports BfR in its task of assessing and identifying possible hazards related to microbiological agents.

Tasks of the BfR Committee

The Committee advises BfR on issues relating especially to the carry-over of highly pathogenic agents and toxins from contaminated food, the impact of technological processing methods and the behaviour of these agents in various food matrices.

Furthermore, the Committee has the task of supporting BfR in the identification of new research activities in the field of biological safety. The Committee is also responsible for the early detection of health risks linked to food consumption and the identification of new kinds of pathogens (“emerging pathogens”).

Members of the BfR Committee

Experts from universities, Land control bodies, federal research agencies and industry were appointed as members of the BfR Committee for Biological Hazards.

* In 2018 the BfR Committee for Biological Hazards and the BfR Committee for Hygiene merged to the BfR Committee for Biological Hazards and Hygiene.

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