BfR Recommendations on food contact materials

Please note: The database for BfR Recommendations on food contact materials is currently being maintained. It is currently not foreseeable when the maintenance work will be completed. As a temporary solution, BfR provides the Recommendations on this page as pdf files. Unfortunately, a search by substance name or CAS number is currently not possible.


I High Polymers Containing Plasticizers PDF (PDF file,25.64 KB)
II Plasticizer-free polyvinyl chloride, plasticizer-free copolymers of vinyl chloride and mixtures of these polymers with other copolymers and chlorinated polyolefins containing mainly vinyl chloride in the total mixture PDF (PDF file,40.39 KB)
III Polyethylene PDF  (PDF file,490.11 KB)
V Polystyrene Produced exclusively from the Polymerisation of Styrene  PDF  (PDF file,47.88 KB)
VI Styrene Copolymers and Graft Polymers, and Mixtures of Polystyrene with other Polymers  PDF (PDF file,162.82 KB)
VII Polypropylene PDF (PDF file,148.34 KB)
IX Colorants for Plastics and other Polymers Used in Commodities  PDF (PDF file,103.95 KB)
X Polyamides PDF (PDF file,44.07 KB)
XI Polycarbonates and Mixtures of Polycarbonates with other Polymers or Copolymers  PDF (PDF file,31.38 KB)
XII Unsaturated Polyester Resins  PDF (PDF file,43.74 KB)
XIV Polymer Dispersions  PDF (PDF file,489.77 KB)
XV Silicones PDF (PDF file,512.87 KB)
XVI Polyvinyl Ethers PDF (PDF file,29.61 KB)
XVII Poly(terephthalic acid diol esters) PDF (PDF file,179.11 KB)
XX Polyisobutylene, Isobutylene Copolymers and Mixtures of Polyisobutylene with other Polymers  PDF (PDF file,32.58 KB)
XXI Commodities based on Natural and Synthetic Rubber  PDF (PDF file,777.10 KB)
XXI/1 Commodities based on natural and synthetic rubber in contact with food PDF (PDF file,808.89 KB)
XXI/2 Special consumer goods made of natural and synthetic rubber and of latices made of natural and synthetic rubber (formerly special category)  PDF (PDF file,616.98 KB)
XXII Polymers Based on Esters of Acrylic and Methacrylic Acids, their Copolymers, and Mixtures of these with other Polymers  PDF (PDF file,187.00 KB)
XXV Hard Paraffins, Microcrystalline Waxes and Mixtures of these with Waxes, Resins and Plastics  PDF (PDF file,172.14 KB)
XXVIII Cross-Linked Polyurethanes as Adhesive Layers for Food Packaging Materials  PDF (PDF file,42.47 KB)
XXX Conveyor Belts Made from Gutta-Percha and Balata  PDF (PDF file,24.51 KB)
XXXIII Acetal resins  PDF (PDF file,40.76 KB)
XXXIV Vinylidene Chloride Copolymers with a Predominant Content of Polyvinylidene Chloride  PDF (PDF file,33.90 KB)
XXXV Copolymers of Ethylene, Propylene, Butylene, Vinyl Esters and Unsaturated Aliphatic Acids, and their Salts and Esters  PDF (PDF file,402.92 KB)

Paper and Board for Food Contact

PDF (PDF file,927.20 KB)
XXXVI/1 Cooking Papers, Hot Filter Papers and Filter Layers  PDF (PDF file,513.80 KB)

Paper and Paperboard for Baking Purposes

PDF (PDF file,607.94 KB)

Absorber pads based on cellulosic fibres for food packaging

PDF (PDF file,447.45 KB)


PDF (PDF file,33.40 KB)

Commodities Based on Polyurethanes

PDF (PDF file,49.68 KB)
XLI Linear Polyurethanes for Paper Coatings  PDF (PDF file,36.95 KB)

Plasticizer-Free Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride, Plasticizer-Free Chlorinated Copolymers of Vinyl Chloride and Mixtures of these Polymers with other Copolymers

PDF (PDF file,33.23 KB)


PDF (PDF file,32.04 KB)
XLIV Artificial Sausage Casings PDF (PDF file,66.27 KB)

Cross-linked Polyethylene

PDF (PDF file,26.89 KB)

Toys Made from Plastics and other Polymers, and from Paper and Paperboard

PDF (PDF file,43.64 KB)

Materials for Coating the Outside of Hollow Glassware

PDF (PDF file,38.66 KB)

Soft Polyurethane Foams as Cushion Packaging for Fruit

PDF (PDF file,29.98 KB)

Copolymers and Graft Polymers of Acrylonitrile

PDF (PDF file,179.54 KB)

Temperature Resistant Polymer Coating Systems for Frying, Cooking and Baking Utensils

PDF (PDF file,470.65 KB)
LII Fillers PDF (PDF file,135.46 KB)

Absorber pads and packagings with absorbing function, in which absorbent materials based on cross-linked polyacrylates are used, for foodstuffs

PDF (PDF file,26.63 KB)



Guidelines for Evaluating Sanitary Papers PDF (PDF file,383.29 KB)
Guidelines for the Evaluation of Personal Sanitary Products              PDF (PDF file,222.15 KB)

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