Workshop: Mathematical modeling of metabolism and contaminant transfer in farm animals

(2017.12.05 - -0001.11.30)
Modern risk assessment of chemical and biochemical contaminants in food and animal feed makes use of mathematical modeling of the different stations in the food chain to understand the flow of undesirable substances. Whereas modeling of laboratory animals is pursued by many members of academia, modeling of farm animals has often been neglected. This type of modeling can only be successful in the context of cooperation spanning the fields of bioinformatics, theoretical biology, veterinary medicine and animal nutrition, to name a few. In this workshop, we will present interdisciplinary work covering modeling of contaminant transfer as well as different aspects of farm animal metabolism using mathematical approaches.

Venue: German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Max-Dohrn-Straße 8–10, 10589 Berlin, Germany

Location Jungfernheide

Location Jungfernheide





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