Health assessment of dietetic foods

Dietetic foods are foods that are intended for particular nutritional uses of specific groups of people. They must be suitable for the given purpose and, owing to their special composition or manufacturing process, must be clearly distinguishable from foods for general consumption (§1 paras 1 and 2 "Diätverordnung" [Regulation on Dietetic Foods]).

Besides general provisions, the DiätVO also contains specific provisions for certain categories of dietetic foods such as foods for infants and young children. Categories of dietetic foods for which specific provisions have already been issued or for which provisions are to be issued, are listed in Annex 8 § 4a para 1 DiätVO.

By contrast, products, which are placed on the market and do not belong to any of the categories in Annex 8 are subject to a Notification procedure pursuant to § 4a DiätVO, for which the Federal Institute for Protection of Consumers and Food Safety (BVL) is responsible.

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