Grafik zum 3. BfR Science Slam

It's not rocket science

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment invites you to the 3rd BfR Science Slam at Heimathafen Neukölln on 5 December 2022.

Eine Katze

"Spot-on" products: Do not use parasite products for dogs on cats

"Spot-ons" are liquid products that usually protect against parasites. They are applied to the skin. However, some of them may contain active substances that are poorly tolerated by cats and, if not used properly, can lead to poisoning or even death in the worst case.

Grafik zur Risikokommunikation

A new handbook highlights six steps to successful risk communication

The Corona pandemic and heavy rain events have shown the importance of societal engagement with risks as well as preventive measures and behavioural recommendations. In order to support civil protection authorities and organisations in this important task, the BfR and the BBK are publishing a joint handbook on practical risk communication, which can be applied to various areas.

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