Das Titelblatt zum BfR Corona MONITOR

BfR-Corona-Monitor - as to 19 May 2020

Since the start of the survey in March, television and internet have always been the most frequently cited sources of information on what is happening around the novel coronavirus. Print media and radio follow at a considerable distance.

Laboruntersuchung mit Hilfe von Nährmedien

Can the new type of coronavirus be transmitted via food and objects?

The BfR was asked whether it is possible to become infected with the new coronavirus through glasses in a restaurant or a pub. The BfR is not yet aware of any infections with SARS-CoV-2 via these routes of transmission. The BfR comments further on this in its updated FAQ.

Titelbild zum BfR-Verbrauchermonitor 02/2020

BfR publishes tenth Consumer Monitor on the perception of health risks

As a representative survey, the BfR Consumer Monitor provides insights into the question of how the population in Germany perceive health risks every six months.


German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R)

German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R)


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