Nahrungsergänzungsmittel in einer Blisterpackung

Nutrients supply? Plate rather than pill!

The BfR is providing information on the benefits and health risks of food supplements at International Green Week. At BfR Stand 146 on the Adventure Farm (Hall 3.2), an oversized mouth will be talking to visitors and inviting them to take part in a quiz that gives insights into the world of vitamins and minerals.

Ein Mann behandelt eine Pflanze mit Pflanzenschutzmitteln

European assessment of Glyphosate is quality-assured and independent - Industry reports are routinely part of assessment reports

Decisive is the quality of the critical review by the authorities of the applicant's dossier and scientific literature.

Pflanzenschutzmittel werden auf ein Feld gesprüht

Independence and quality assurance of the European glyphosate assessment

The members of the special committee “EU Approval Process for Pesticides (PEST” published their draft of the final report in December 2018. Since then, the BfR has been receiving repeated inquiries, especially about the independence of the scientific institutions and the procedure for assessing the active substances contained in plant protection products.

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