Auf der Jagd erlegte Wildschweine

African swine fever: No risk to consumers

In September 2018, the pathogen was also found in wild boars in Belgium and thus for the first time in Western Europe. The African swine fever (ASF) that is currently rife in Europe does not pose a health hazard to humans.

Mann hält einen Bericht in den Händen

Science learns from its mistakes too

A mathematical model shows that even seemingly inconclusive studies speed up the gain in knowledge. That is one of the conclusions of a research project conducted by the “German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals” at the BfR, the results of which have now been published in the journal “PLOS ONE”.

Ein Säugling trinkt aus einer Flasche

Connection between "chalky teeth" in children (molar-incisor hypomineralisation, MIH) and the uptake of Bisphenol A not likely

The BfR concludes that there is currently no scientific reason to assume a connection between the uptake of BPA the occurrence of MIH in children.

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