In einer Großküche wird Salat angerichtet

Resistant bacteria: can raw vegetables and salad pose a health risk?

Salad is popular with people who want to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Salad varieties are often offered for sale ready-cut and film-packaged.

Eine Pizza wird zubereitet

Cooking for science - BfR MEAL study celebrating its 2nd birthday

The goal of the BfR MEAL study is to be able to better recognise possible food risks for the German population. To this end, up to 2021 the BfR MEAL team will be examining the most commonly consumed foods in Germany for a total of nine substance groups, including heavy metals, nutrients and additives.

Ein Hühnchen wird mit einem Tuch abgetupft

BfR and BVL simulate food crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The investigation of a foodborne disease outbreak is practiced on the basis of an interdisciplinary simulation game. In a fictitious scenario, people in various towns and cities throughout the country take ill with salmonellosis after eating poultry meat.

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