National Breastfeeding Committee

The Breastfeeding Committee was set up in 1994 at the Robert Koch Institute. In 1999 it was integrated into the former Federal Institute for Consumer Health Protection and Veterinary Medicine (BgVV) and since 2002 up to March 2019 it was attached to BfR.

Since 1 April 2019, the National Breastfeeding Committee has been integrated into the Max Rubner-Institut (MRI). This switch has to do with the Institute of Child Nutrition which opened at MRI in February 2019. Research is to be conducted there, in the future, into the early influences which determine the risk of overweight and nutrition-related diseases. The scientists will also be examining the nutritional behaviour of children and adolescents from their birth until the age of 18.

All recommondations, opinions and publications of the National Breastfeeding Committee are available at the German Website


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