National Reference Laboratory for the Analysis and Testing of Zoonoses (Salmonella)

Salmonellosis is one of the most frequent infectious diseases in the world which can affect humans and animals. It is normally associated with diarrhoea, a general feeling of malaise and fever (enteric form). It may, however, also lead to severe systemic illness, sometimes even to fatalities. The underlying cause for Salmonellosis is bacteria of the Genus Salmonella. They are normally transmitted to humans via contaminated food of animal origin.

The focus of the work of the National Reference Laboratory for the Analysis and Testing of Zoonoses (Salmonella) is on the serological differentiation of Salmonella isolates, lysotyping and antibiotic resistance determination. A number of molecular-biological methods have been established for outbreak and epidemiological studies.

The Reference Laboratory carried out the following tasks in accordance with the Zoonoses Directive 2003/99/EC, the Zoonoses Regulation (EC) No 2160/2003, in accordance with §2 para 1 Act establishing BfR (BfRG) and pursuant to § 64 Food and Feed Code (LFGB). They include:

  • Serotyping of Salmonella according to Kauffmann-White
  • Lysotyping of Salmonella
  • Antibiotic resistance testing of Salmonella
  • Epidemiological surveys on the incidence of Salmonella lysotypes and their resistance
  • Molecular-biological fine typing of Salmonella
  • Identification of vaccination strains
  • Elucidation of chains of infection, fine differentiation studies
  • Molecular biology of Salmonella resistance
  • Preparation of results and maintenance of the internal laboratory database
  • Rapid detection of Salmonella using PCR and other DNA-based methods
  • Microarray techniques for the typing and characterisation of Salmonella
  • Conduct of multilaboratory studies
  • Participation in national and international research projects
  • Conduct and participation in interlaboratory tests within the framework of the EU and WHO
  • Policy advice for very diverse institutions
  • Management and maintenance of strain collections
  • Participation in national/international bodies

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Contact person
Dr. Istvan Szabo (Head of)




Contact person
PD Dr. Burkhard Malorny (Deputy Head)




Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)
NRL for the Analysis and Testing of Zoonoses (Salmonella)
Diedersdorfer Weg 1
12277 Berlin


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