Science Magazine "BfR2GO"

Every six months the BfR provides information on the latest developments in assessment and research in the field of consumer health protection in the form of a compact and easily understandable magazine.

The magazine and its subscription are free of charge.



BfR2GO, Issue 2/2019, Key Topic: Microplastic in food - Small parts - big impact?

Release date 19.12.2019

BfR2GO, Issue 1/2019, Key Topic: Antimicrobial-resistant pathogens

Release date 28.06.2019

BfR2GO, Issue 2/2018, Key Topic: Heat-induced contaminants

Release date 21.11.2018

BfR2GO, Issue 1/2018, Key Topic Tattoo Inks

Release date 29.06.2018

BfR2GO, Issue 1/2017, Key Topic Food Authenticity

Release date 18.10.2017

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