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Health risk assessment of ethylene oxide residues in sesame seeds

German regional authorities have detected residues of the substance ethylene oxide in products containing sesame seeds from India. Ethylene oxide is mutagenic and carcinogenic. Accordingly, the substance is not subject to a safe health-based guidance value and residues in food are generally undesirable.

Das Titelblatt zum BfR Corona MONITOR

Latest BfR-Corona-Monitor: population limits its leisure behaviour less

Survey on risk perception describes how the population currently deals with the risks of the novel coronavirus.

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Does the bovine paratuberculosis pathogen play a role in the development of Crohn's disease in humans?

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and the Max Rubner Institute (MRI) carried out an extensive literature review and came to the conclusion that there are still no valid scientific results that prove such a connection.

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