Obst in einem Korb

Ergosterol in fruit - a marker for mould toxins?

The BfR has investigated whether ergosterol can be used as a reliable 'marker substance' for a contamination of food with mould toxins, and whether the intake of ergosterol or vitamin D2 from food -  specifically from fruit or fruit products - can cause adverse health effects for consumers.

Das Titelblatt des BfR-Wissenschaftsmagazins 1-2020

Mysterious vapour

The new issue of the BfR science magazine BfR2GO focuses on the health risks posed by e-cigarettes.

Das Titelblatt zum BfR Corona MONITOR

A quarter say they use the Corona-Warn-App

Younger people in particular want to protect themselves with the help of the app, according to a survey by the "BfR-Corona-Monitor".

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