Bacteriophages FAQs

Bacteriophages (phages) are viruses that exclusively infect bacteria. The term phage is derived from Greek and means "bacteria-eater".The BfR has put together an FAQ on the topic of bacteriophages.

BfR-Schild in Marienfelde

Bacteriophages: old masters rediscovered

The BfR is holding the BfR consumer protection forum "Bacteriophages - alternatives to antibiotics?" on 7. and 8. November 2019 in Berlin-Marienfelde.

Bild von der Unterzeichnung eines Kooperationsvertrages mit chinesischen Institutionen

Successful Sino-German Summer School on Risk Assessment

In September 2019, a summer school entitled “Sino-German Summer School on Risk Assessment on Agro-Products” was held in Tianjin (China).

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