Frequently asked questions about fipronil levels in foods of animal origin

Updated BfR FAQ of 15 August 2017

Within the context of the current fipronil situation, the German German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has prepared a risk assessment on the intake of eggs and foods containing fipronil: /initial-preliminary-assessment-of-the-health-risk-posed-by-longer-term-consumption-of-foods-contaminated-with-fipronil.pdf (PDF-Datei, 58,99 KB) (Communication No. 021 of 11 August 2017) (PDF-Datei, 36,29 KB) (Communication No. 020 of 11 August 2017) (PDF-Datei, 33,54 KB) (Communication No. 17 of 8 August 2017) (PDF-Datei, 85,45 KB)  (Opinion No. 016 of 30 July 2017)

The BfR bases its assessment on the assumption that products containing fipronil have been used outside their authorised areas of application over a longer period of time. This assumption is necessary in order to conduct an assessment of the health risks. It is not connected with any statement on the extent to which fipronil actually has been used illegally.

Against this background, the BfR has summarised the most important frequently asked questions about the short and longer-term consumption of foods containing fipronil.

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