Frequently Asked Questions about the usage of the BfR-homepage


What are PDF documents and how do you open them?

PDF is a format which is used to display documents on the Internet exactly as created. Acrobat Reader is free software which makes possible the display and printing out of PDF files. The Federal Institute for Health Protection of Consumers and Veterinary Medicine offers its visitors an array of documents in this format. Once Acrobat Reader has been installed, you can view the PDF documents.

If your Internet browser does not support Acrobat Reader or if you wish to store a document directly onto your hard disk, click with the right mouse button on download (in Windows) or keep the button depressed for a few seconds (Mac) and select from the context menu "Save as…" or something similar.

Download Acrobat-Reader

How do you use the search engine?

Here you will find some useful tips on how to use the search engine.

When you enter the search term in lower case, the search engine will find both upper and lower case instances of your search term.

When you enclose the search term in double quotation marks, a search will be made for this specific chain of characters (example: "health risk")

If you want to search for several keywords, enter each one followed by a space (example: food risk man).

Extend the search by linking your search term with the operator 'OR' (example: diseases or infections)

Narrow the search response by linking your search term with the operator 'AND' (example: bacteria AND food)

Exclude keywords by preceding them with the operator 'NOT'.

With the symbol '*' you can search for word roots (example: Vitamin*)

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