RESET & MedVetStaph - Final scientific Symposium

(2017.04.26 - 2017.04.28)
The research consortium RESET performs research on the resistance against the very important antimicrobial classes of β-lactam-antibiotics and (fluoro)quinolones in enterobacteria.

The relevance of antimicrobial-resistant livestock associated staphylococci including Methicillin-resistance Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) for the health of human beings and animals is investigated in detail in the consortium MedVetStaph.

In both consortia, financed by BMBF, scientists from human and veterinary medicine, basic and applied science as well as epidemiology work closely together.

In this final scientific workshop both consortia will present their results to the public, to stakeholders and to scientists.

The main topics presented are:

• Recent results from research on the zoonotic transmission of staphylococci and enterobacteria resistant to antimicrobials
• Consequences for the field work
• Future developments and research needs

On Wednesday, the meeting is held in German, the following two days in English.

The recognition of medical and veterinary education credits is being requested.

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover,
German German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and
German Research Platform for Zoonoses.

Scientific Secretariat:
Prof. Dr Lothar Kreienbrock
(University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover)

Prof. Dr Annemarie Käsbohrer
(German German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment)

PD Dr Robin Köck
(University Hospital Münster)

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